Partners for Lawrence Youth is a multi-agency effort under the Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy to reduce teen pregnancy and STD rates in Lawrence, Massachusetts. I led a team of students tasked with developing a new and improved digital customer experience for Partners for Lawrence Youth.


Because the program aimed to reach multiple generations, we developed a brand identity and design that were straightforward, welcoming, and accessible for all community members. We established the program as a trusted, no-nonsense source of information. Content was designed to create a network of resources and encourage responsible choices in a way that was not condescending, but rather, supportive.


I served as the Project/Content Manager for this project. In addition to managing the overall project and integration of sub-teams, I wrote the majority of the proposal document and designed the proposal and site map using Microsoft Word and Adobe Illustrator. For the final presentation to the client, I designed the PowerPoint presentation and served as a lead presenter. 


Website & Social Media Campaign
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