Our cinematic team was tasked with producing high-quality promotional pieces for the Marketing Director of the Fitchburg Art Museum. The museum’s goal was to promote new exhibits and improve visitor experience. Our work reflected the uniqueness of the visitor experience offered by the museum and reinforced its relevance across thousands of social media users.


As the team’s Producer and Project Manager, I served as the sole communicator between the team and the client. I managed logistics and creative vision across the entire span of the project. I also edited several video pieces using Adobe Premiere Pro and assisted with filming. Finally, I planned and executed a large amount of the interviews used in our media.


Additionally, we reinforced the museum's relevance specifically amongst Fitchburg State University students by producing a relaxed, conversational-style podcast. I hosted the podcast, contributed heavily to planning, and edited the audio using Adobe Audition. 


Learning Lounge Video
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  • "Hidden Treasures" Podcast
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