The Fitchburg Community Read program aims to bring community members together for a shared love of reading. Community Read organizers asked our team to create and implement a branding and public relations plan to diversify the program’s audience and increase student engagement. 


We identified that the Community Read program lacked a defined identity and message. We suggested a new approach by making the program highly interactive online to connect with an audience that craves digital connection. We also worked to create a welcoming, approachable environment across all media to engage more diverse sectors of the community.


As Project Manager, I managed the budget, quality, schedule, and scope of the project and monitored integration of sub-project teams. I also assisted with many tactical aspects; I wrote press releases and blog posts, designed print marketing materials using Adobe Illustrator, and directed and edited the program’s promotional video using Adobe Premiere Pro.


Click here to view our Community Read website and here to read my published blog post.


Public Relations Plans Book
Promotional Video
Directed and Edited by Erin Leamy
Press Release
Written by Erin Leamy
Published Blog Post
Written by Erin Leamy
Community Read Interactive Website
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