My name is Erin, and I am a communications media professional located in Boston, Massachusetts. I hold a B.S. in Professional Communication and Communications Media and specialize in project management, marketing, content development, and media production.

I love working in a field that allows me to shape ideas on both a strategic and tactical level. Throughout my project portfolio, you’ll see work that integrates creative and conceptual vision with practical application. I aim to ultimately ensure that the customer journey is meaningful, rewarding, and totally inspired.


I am resourceful, ambitious, and eager to continue learning. My real-world experience and technical skills leave me highly prepared for a career in communications or project management.


My other passions include traveling the world (16 countries and 4 continents visited so far!), speaking German, winning Broadway lotteries, and petting every dog humanly possible. I also have keen interests in wildlife conservation and sustainable living practices.